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The Company.

Bless is a company specialized in international transport, import and export, by sea, air, land and project freight. Established by experienced professionals in the performance of foreign trade with background in the largest logistic actions, such as, for example, Formula 1, event that involves great planning and high level of precision.

Recognizing that to obtain results, it is essential to act differently, Bless’s team has a work methodology that distinguishes it from the competitors. Based on the reality and experience of the day-to-day, it noticed the solution for communication and operation noise.

Taking the vision that the commercial and operational departments are only one, at Bless there is no area division, as these sectors are constantly connected. In addition, there is a strong work of encouragement and recognition on the part of people who are daily at ports and airports and in contact with surveillance, essential for the clearance of the loads.

For this reason, when the client receives Bless’s team in visits and meetings, it will receive a professional from the operational area, who knows the reality of the operations.

With that, Bless reaches a large reduction, and many times, elimination of several divergences that occur when a trade agreement is dealt with a professional with little awareness of the operational activity and does not know the particularities of the active operations.

In this case, Bless can defend that it really delivers what it sells to customers.

Bless has pleased customers and is sure that even if it is not yet recognized as such, it aims at being the best on the market always committed to efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Mission.

Perform an efficient transport, with transparency of information, to have the customers always satisfied. Make each operation a highly efficient process with qualified team.

Company Vision.

Be the largest reference company in the services provided.

Services offered:

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Bless is a company specialized in International transport, import and export, by sea, air, land and project freight.

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